Diabetes and Glandular Disease (DGD) Weight Loss Clinic is an evidence-based, nutritionally sound weight management program designed to treat patients with metabolic syndrome. DGD, together with Cornerstone Wellness,utilizes revolutionary state-of-the-art tools and technologies that are proven to: maximize fat loss, preserve lean body mass, prevent a decrease in metabolic rate (BMR), stabilize insulin and glucose levels, provide optimal nutrition, and promote lifestyle modification.




The Cornerstone Wellness nutrition program was developed by a team of internists, endocrinologists, bariatricians and Ph.D. level dietitians to address the particular metabolic aberrations seen in metabolic syndrome and excess adiposity. Every ingredient was thoughtfully chosen to support the goal of lowering elevated insulin levels, the primary offending agent in metabolic syndrome as well as overweight and obesity. Literally hundreds of peer reviewed medical and nutritional studies were utilized in the development of this program. Only the highest quality micro and macro ingredients were used in the creation of these nutraceutical formulations and they are manufactured in the United States in the finest, NSF-GMP certified facilities. They have been utilized by hundreds of physicians treating thousands of patients and their efficacy and safety is unquestionable. They are available only through physicians and cannot be purchased outside of a doctor’s office.



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